About R.O.B.


Welcome, Netizen traveler. Consider 'Republic Of Bob: Internet As Lifestyle': an alternative way to think about and around Web3 / digital Neoliberalism and 'the future of the net'. More as something casual and friendly that happens between people, in their collective imagination. An informal Culture protocol - like holding doors open for others, offering guests a drink or being quiet in a public library. An expansive laboratory for adventurous creatives to hang out, think of #ROB as an odd lo fi social experiment in KISA Keeping the Internets Strange Again. (Almost like they already weren't ;-)

Note however that #ROB does not exist. Some Players call it 'The Real Meta', 'Tim's House', 'Gibsonville', 'Videodrome', 'Interzone', 'Black Atlantis II'. The name isn't important however - rather, it's the unique interrelationships outside the Capitalist matrix that #ROB helps grow and encourage.

This site is an independent, unofficial fictional publication about the Republic, operating out of this mythic realm. Acting as my particular 'Let's Play' or Walkthrough, it was launched in June 2023 by me, amateur UK based philosopher Robert What. I love to conjure up 'strange imaginary games you pretend to play.'

Here are some handy example #ROB logos for fellow travelers and Researchers:

A free R.O.B guidebook and passport to the realm will also be available soon.

How Exactly Does One Play 'Republic Of Bob'?

Together! Mash-up, remix, and share what you find Online each day, and simply indicate what you've done is from / via #ROB. Basically, help spread the idea that a different, better Internet is possible. That's it. It's a lifestyle, baby.

Contact & Hire Bob

Join a growing community of other #ROB researchers, visitors and local folk who share similar interests and outlook. Site comments policy: politeness and intelligence will be reciprocated. Email Bob today to say Hi, or to discuss artistic collaborative projects: robertwhat [at] proton [dot] me. Expect seven days +/- a month for replies ;-)

If you’ve got artistic Projects which could benefit from outsider consultation, this freelance amateur philosopher and speculative ideas brainstormer can help bring them to life, with his keen, non-rational / experimental / conceptual investigation and a deep left-field perspective, revealing and expanding existing (/ hidden) Meanings and untapped artistic potential.

Rob's skills include the ability to undertake daring cognitive leaps between concepts and perceptions; such tests and imprecise deployed notions involve indeterminate strategies - unpredictable ongoing developments and impossible events to deconstruct and ponder alternative outcomes, thereby providing fresh insights into emergent, in-Scene play. Heck yeah.

I'm now also on Cohost.org. Hoo-boy social media here we go again:

@RobertWhat on cohost
Strange Imaginary Games

BBP Bob's Big Plan

To save loved ones from the soul crushing monotony of Work, and finally afford a own house instead of Renting overpriced frozen shoeboxes from greed crazed Landlords. To fully develop and express "Big Science" and help other artists & thinkers - forming a cool alternative Lifestyle Brand / Virtual Internet Religion / Cool Artist Art Collective Syndicate Thing where peers can play in an atmosphere of intellectual and artistic freedom and interdisciplinary exchange, without interruption in a supportive environment. (Imagine something like that Mark Rebellit clip - a beautiful, spontaneous gathering of creative people):

Meanwhile however, Robert What must also Earn A Living™. This fact however is to be viewed politically as inseparable from their daily, political Digital Labor Practice or 'Art (as) Work'.

While all art on this site is free-as-in-freedom, I'd sure appreciate a steady income as I'm continually skint, and it sucks. I plan on doing a Kickstarter at some point, as well as setting up a Tip Jar. Or something. One thing is certain; artificial and arbitrary Paywalls suck. The whole question of getting noticed and paid online is complex, and I'm still desperately trying to figure it out - which is partly the reason for #ROB.

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Everything on this site is an expression of #antiwork and exists for the purposes of philosophical critique, socio-cultural commentary, political satire and progressive social change. It automatically releases / escapes to the 'Libre Public Domain By Default - No License, Zero Copyright, Maximum R&D': please, Kopimi!

May all beings have happiness and the cause of happiness. (Note: this probably involves consciousness and the ending of Self.) Om mani padme hum.

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