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Blue Hour: The Best Of Chris Isaak (Internet Indie Movie)

A single man with a smart haircut and a troubled past.

// To consider a whole movie based off the dramatic and dreamy Chris Isaak 'best of' album cover. A remix by me. Final film to be shown online for free, at dusk (Pacific Daylight Time.) I just love this cover.

Example indie movie poster for "Blue Hour: The Best Of Chris Isaak"

The last of the Summer sunlight rests for a fading moment behind the tall span of evening bridge that crosses the strait. A single man with a smart haircut and a troubled past, pauses for a while to soak in the lonely ambience of the Blue Hour and reflect on the long, difficult day that thankfully now lies behind him.

Memory, desire, regret, the pain of romantic longing and a second degree black belt in authentic Okinawan Goju-ryu Karate. Where is he heading? What might the crumpled letter in his pocket with the single line 'Please, Chris. Lie to me' possibly mean?

The answers to all these admittedly small yet poignant mysteries can be found in the new cool, forthcoming indie movie by BSZ Hypercorp and Resident Internet Theorist / Lifestyle Guru Robert What. All with a light, lime flavored squeeze of quirky urban surrealism. (But not too quirky; this isn't Amélie.)

If you'd like to help develop this virtual movie, contact Robert What today to discuss details.