Creepy Space: 1999 Simulator (Game)

A paisley tinged retro future still waiting to happen.

RND// Today I take a deep shallow dive into the retro aesthetic archives, and consider a forthcoming Creepy Space:1999 simulator game.

Creepy Space: 1999 - 70's Sci Fi Vibes

A visual reference for anyone developing an awesome videogame simulation of Moonbase Alpha.

A ghostly and ethereal mood can be felt throughout each episode - it floats unseen like a ghost. The series as a whole is almost undoubtedly self-aware of this strange ambient presence; indeed many of the episodes display supernatural or otherworldly apparitions - disembodied non physical entities of pure formlessness.

What delights in this series is its hippy era New Age spirituality, which appears genuinely pro Science - and also nakedly revels in the holistic possibilities of other worlds and other ways of universal being, far beyond current traditional scientific understanding. One would not be in the least bit surprised to learn a certain healthy amount of strong dope, LSD and Liquid Light Shows had been inwardly absorbed during its conception. Occasional bug eyed interdimensional flesh eating monster aside, the result is almost overwhelmingly hopeful, beautiful and like, VTM (very trippy, man.) A paisley tinged retro future still waiting to happen..

Screenshots Of The Unique Light Seen In Retro TV Shows & Oldskool Movies
strange televisual glow