Forget NFTs: UK digital artist Robert What earns $100 million for 'Real JPEG Art' collection

A fleeting sense of superficial excitement

// RND To consider this odd 'fake news' style event has already happened, and I'm retroactively sitting here chilling in my nice, new (non-rented) home brought with the money earned from my Forget NFT's: 'Real JPEG Art' collection. Yet what does this mean for collective, collectivist art online? Sure, I've now Got Mine like a good little Thatherite-era 'artpreneur' bleurrrgh, but now what? (Bob, isn't the whole idea to rise with one's class, not merely above it?)

Example montage of digital art JPEGs available in attached ZIP files (YMMV)

Official Artist Statement by Resident Internet Theorist Robert What

"To consider the modern Capitalist Art World one giant artwashing scam, and the JPEG a basic universal unit of digital artistry. I am a skint, working class artist based in the dead cultural backwater of Endland. My art both reflects and is symbolic of my strong immediate need for ca$h, attention from fellow artistic peers and a sense of excitement. With what I earn from this historical digital art sale, I can stop renting, set up an sweet experimental Art Collective and generally have more fun. NFTs / Crypto Art and AI (Corporate Theft) Art all suck; my 'Real JPEG Art' collection however slaps harder than Will Smith. Featuring over ten intense years of artistic R&D gathered online, with influences ranging from Jean Baudrillard and the KLF to J.G. Ballard. All very zeitgeisty, very 'now'.
The mere notion of 'buying a cool $100 Million worth of digital art jpegs' is of course the true Concept being sold here - as is the (absurdist) daily, as-lived sociopolitical reality of Art-As-Work. Art is always free; unpaid artistic labor is the real political point. The opportunity for me to stop ruining my health in order to Make Art™ - an often exhausting and frustrating process. People help true art and beauty emerge with the help of the 'Scenius', as Brian Eno describes it. Their living, collective vision and solidarity in the face of exploitation and social fragmentation is what's really meaningful, not mere dead images on a screen. Hopefully after this satirical project drops online, important people will start to take my virtual brand seriously and I can start wearing a beret in earnest. I might even make some friends and change the (/art) world. Peace out."

Digital Art Purchasing Instructions

In order to buy (/into) Robert What's 'Real JPEG Art' today, do whatever it is you sexy, ultra rich white people do - hold in the cash 'in escrow' or whatever, set up one of those fancy Swiss bank accounts and provide the secret code in a briefcase / on a pigeon so the ownership of the account can be transferred to me.

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Vanity of vanities! All is vanity.

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