Free Retro Comic Book Templates And Pop Art Posters

cool kitsch pop art

// Consider templates for comic book artists to play with. Many of these templates would also make cool kitsch pop art posters. Aziz now has one hanging up in his coffee shop.

All images upscaled with Mediachance AI Photo & Art Enhancer, cleaned up and tweaked in Gimp, and finally converted to jpeg-xl (.jxl) format in Irfanview - Quality 85, Effort 7.

First up are some (incredibly sexist) 50's style scenes from "Heart Throbs" comic. Good grief. If I never see another 'Oh Josh, how can I have resisted your manly white affections for so long?' style anything, life will be good. They sure don't make 'em like this anymore, thank Elvis. A few attempts have been made here and there to subvert the dominant patriarchal narrative - or at least give it an odd postmodern twist of bitter lime.

Example "Heart Throbs" comic scene

352 .jxl images, various sizes - 346.3MB total:

Here are three sets of Marvel comics. First is Marvel Defenders from the 70's. (For some reason I can see these as laminated, wipeable kitchen reminders for use with whiteboard pens. Dr. Strange says "Must get milk!", or something.)

338 .jxl, 2100x3000, 253.1MB

Next up is Marvel Masterworks.

187 .jxl, 1920 x 3000, 128MB:

Lastly, Ms. Marvel.

60 .jxl, 2100 x 3000, 51.9MB

This last batch features Ravage. A nicely kitsch style. I however lost my mind while trying to remove the text from the speech bubbles. 143 .jxl, 2000 x 3000, 160.7MB

Gra-aowwll! Ravage gets savage.

Zombie webcomic: Ken & Andy's Rooftop News