Retrofeel: Stories From The UK Amiga Demoscene Underground

UK Amiga Demoscene book.

RND// What exactly does Retro feel like? In this free forthcoming book and archiving project, Republic Of Bob explorer Robert What shares his tall tales of surreal, often reluctantly-alternative underground retro computing and the quirky, hidden history of the techno-psychedelic future it once symbolized.

UK Amiga Demoscene: Example Book Cover (5cols)

Did you ever consider yourself part of UK Amiga Demoscene, but never had 'The Latest'? Was it really just you and your mates in a bedroom, making (/up) your own, strange 'Scene'?

Was I.T. simply more about surviving the Terminal Boredom, central heating and dusty 3.5" diskettes than endless Demoparties? Did mundane real life and your collective digital fantasies bleed through into each other - the hyper futuristic joys of primary colored, flat shaded polygons melding with (for example) the awful Computing course you were on at the time at that lousy local College?

If so, then this is the book for you! Drop me a line today if you've any cool Amiga memories, odd Scenic anecdotes or other bizarre close encounters with 90's Retrogaming culture. Full credit will be given for their use.

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