Screenshots Of The Unique Light Seen In Retro TV Shows & Oldskool Movies

strange televisual glow

// RND Christ I hate mosquitos. It's still so hot here at the base of the mountains, despite it being October. While I don't miss watching television, looking over old compilations of screenshots taken over the years still leaves me horribly nostalgic for the idea of 'the realities expressed by the light' of certain retro media, now long since past (and good riddance, in many cases.) However, I also cannot avoid the mild, but persistent stomach churning existential dread brought on by the unavoidable realization of the sheer, outright soul destroying boredom of the times, eras and reactionary cultural climates symbolized by their strange televisual glow.

80s Memory Bedroom Light

Several of the galleries contain relevant notes.

Featuring light captures from Buck Rogers, Chinese Detective, Johnny Mnemonic

Light studies from Ghosts Of The Civil Dead, Reginald Perrin, Lovejoy, Wolfen, Solo

Light studies from Dr. Who (Tom Baker era), Minder and Fred Dibhah.

Creepy Space: 1999 Simulator (Game)
A paisley tinged retro future still waiting to happen.