The Boredom Factory: English University Life (Book)

English university life book

RND// A free forthcoming book and exposé about English university life at a lousy, university-of-bums-on-seats style pseudo-course in the deep North. I eat slow baked biscuit with locally grown raisins and think back to the grey hell of higher education.

We are born, endowed, with a lot of creativity [..] But we then go through an education system that, very carefully, is designed to get rid of most of that creativity. In England now we've got it down to a fine art. We can educate people for twelve to fifteen years, and they come out absolutely thick. It's a triumph, actually.
-Brian Eno, Exploring Creativity, Red Bull Music Academy talk April 2018
The Boredom Factory: English University Life (book cover)

Ever experienced a bad, sad andor-surreal time at a UK university? Generally felt let down and screwed over by the education system? Have interesting or odd anecdotes about your time there? Just felt alienated by the whole sorry, confusing and depressing thing? Then contact me today, and if I include your thoughts in the book, you'll get full credit.