This Mod Is Dead: An Ode

"I see dead mods."
Uninstalling Dead Videogame Modifications

// To imagine a lament for dead videogame Modifications. The ones that didn't make it over the gamedev hump for any number of reasons - though mostly, it seems, too often to do with the self-convenient myths of videogame development generally within Internet Culture (whatever the hell that is.) That is, the plain and frankly pathetic lie that gamedev / modding for anyone. The grim, un-gilded reality however is that the vast majority of mods are Undead; they're so already DOA (even conceptually) that they're shambling zombies. And yet such mods often display an admirable level of amateur kitsch, well worth preserving.

Example Album Cover for "This Mod Is Dead" project

Mod pack available here - just unzip and contemplate:

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