Videogame Screenshot Art (Exhibit)

RND// Noclipping the AAAA Industry plane.

4K Noclip Virtual Photography (Half Life Alyx)

An intense RND Scenario in which one carefully curates, polishes and compiles a growing virtual database of Community and hardcore out-of-bounds 'noclip' videogame screenshots over eight long years. Sure, it's a bit 'Niche'™ for some, but what's a motherfucker supposed to do? These were the mediocre digital hands I got played: a bunch of old videogarmes on my Steam account - you can thank schmucks like me later for making you a multi Billionaire, Big Gabe - and nothing to do but to wade through them using a 'noclip' console cheat command while repeatedly pressing PrtScn at varied opportune moments in virtual spacetime.

Videogame Screenshot Art by Robert What
Virtual Photography

Project Update

There's a lot of still as-yet untold Developmental Backstory regarding all the people I tried contacting about this Project. TL;DR Basically I got diddly Jack Squat responses.

The latest Meh: This Exhibit has is officially rejected as a publication proposal by 'high-quality illustrated books on visual culture' publisher Volume. Oh well. (I mean, who do I have to blow go get some fucking traction around here?) Is there not anyone in this cosmically empty desiccated skull universe capable of recognizing and celebrating 'my'™ inherent artistic SCENIUS? *tries yanking out a few more Neoliberal Brain Worms to no effect*

Itch project analytics graph
Itch Download Analytics For "Alternative Videogame Screenshot Art Exhibit

Dang; 155 downloads out of 876 views means 721 people basically told me to go politely and unceremoniously shove my 'Virtual Photography' *adjusts beret* up my arts. Not what I'd call a good ROI.. but I'm still /falsely proud AF of all the gut busting work I put in to get them here. Man, eight long years. They might not be world class or whatever, but as high-quality visual culture images? I'll take that particular Pepsi challenge with anyone Online. I just don't care; these kinds of strange virtual images rock.

Yet as fellow Player Zizek states, Now What; what happens the day after the founding of the Republic? Excellent Youtube vlogger Lily Alexandre was recently talking about Art Changing The World. A great video; it made me realize (once again, like the dunderbrain I am) that The Cultural Conversation is never about oneself but about helping one's community simply express their basic right to be human. In that sense, Art is a directly symbolic universal expression of common shared Humanity. Humanity itself as something that is shared; a dynamic, shifting, transformative practice among peers, friends, lovers, allies. The Art Of The Celebration That Is Life.

Unfortunately I too often have my head stuck a little too far up my arts to directly realize the living barefoot dreamscape of this shared artistic humanity. One should therefore endeavor to shift from Self to 'Elf'; a more playful, sensitive, magical approach is needed. In such a life-affirming light, a Positive Mental (Punk era!) Attitude isn't simply a choice but a foundational necessity. In order to be an effective artist for one's wider human community, one must free the transcendentally dangerous Fifth Element, Love (not merely a fucking motivational 'Live Laugh Love' poster.) Go forth and SHINE DARKLY.

Youtube - Lily Alexandre: Can Art Change the World?