A.I Art 'Collaboration' Exhibit (Dall-E)

RND/ To consider a friendly artistic collab with Dall-E 2 (text-to-image models developed by OpenAI using deep learning to generate digital images from natural language descriptions.) When in fact it's nothing to do with a genuine 'collaboration' and more just like Vichy France.RND/ To consider a friendly artistic collab with Dall-E artificial intelligence - when in fact it's nothing to do with a genuine 'collaboration' and more just like Vichy France. Sleeping with the enemy.

Like most modern technology, it's founded on outright lies, illusion and delusion. These machine learning systems merely suck all your data / bullshit 'prompts' and simply squit out some crappy 'slick' image in return. It's a one way street and artists do not benefit, either ultimately or in fact from the outset. Of course, the inherently evil, stupid, near-future post-cyberpunk hypercorporations fueling these twisted little technologies (really just another mirror of their own greed, ignorance and anti-artistic ideology) simply continue to swell and bloat like the super rich, untaxed parasites they are.

That is, A.I. art isn't art but merely the 'art' of Capitalism, ie. money / death. Just another white techbro jerkoff power fantasy that only benefits the tech owners. (@Shoop400 on LOLtube one said, "The sheer amount of money and time these businesses will invest in Machine Learning to avoid paying artists a fair rate is almost impressive if it wasn't so abhorrent.")

Users / addicts must really have some kind of intense and expansive artistic imagination to constantly somehow pretend to themselves that these giant, automated, globe-spanning companies have their best interests at heart and that 'all the pretty pictures' pinched off at the end of the (largely invisible - or at least conveniently ignored) techno-romantic ideological sausage factory aren't really mere 'token NFT symbols' of the actual soulless, sucking void inside the Capitalist hyperreality machine.

In fact, that's a good Chomskian ISDT Intellectual Self Defense Technique for positively changing one's previous misperceptions concerning 'A.I' art. View them for what they are far more closer to in reality; inherently Shitty NFTs. Once you master this easy technique, it's hard to go back to 'simply' seeing them as 'ooh, nice shiny neutral A.I' images'. A GIANT HORRIBLE MACHINE JUST SHAT THESE OUT OF ITS GAPING MOUTH, YOU FUCKING IDIOT. (And partially melted an iceberg in the process.) Don't conveniently ignore it, just because you get to successfully jerk your chicken to synthetic 'big titty underage-looking anime girls' from a prompt that fell out of the front of your cum-encrusted, cheeto-dusted underpants.

(The following is to be spoken in the same way that writer and actor Sam Shepard used to despise the place and the associated term 'L.A.'): Fuck 'A.I.' Have nothing to do with 'A.I.' Do not interact with 'A.I.' Actively seek out and shame all woodwork-crawling 'A.I.' tech shills into silence. Do not hook up your artistic dick to the 'A.I.' machine and allow yourself to be milked like a willing sap for your time and data; you are only continuing to fuck over real, human artists. "Machine learning" too often means, and results in "human dumbing." They process, we drool.

Text prompts and resulting images (with post processing):

Here the prompts I used to generate the images. Heck, I might as well of used an A.I. to generate the prompts for me.

"american political candidates shopping for US flags jasper johns" (I actually kinda dig these, with their melted Francis Bacon faces):

"Zdzisław Beksiński fine art painting of a dystopian organic megacity":

"3D render of damien hirst in a glass cube digital art":

"utopian virtual reality photograph":

"Renaissance fine art painting portrait of Henry Rollins":

"Giorgio de Chirico fine art painting of an urban city in the late afternoon":

"70s fantasy art painting of a giant bridge over the ocean":

"spanish horses with manes on fire on a hill at starry midnight":

"fine art minotaur reading a book":

"fine art panting of an infinite library":

"kitsch 60s portrait of samuel l jackson":

"Simon Stahl fine art painting of robots playing cowboys and indians":

"Jean Michel Basquiat portrait of actor Sam Shepard" (the machine got confused here - but then, isn't it always as dumb as fuck?):

"Eric Fischl fine art painting of rich white people in an exotic jungle garden":

"Eric Fischl fine art painting of rich white people on an ocean yacht":

"Eric Fischl fine art painting of rich white people at a dirty urban crime scene":

"banksy wall graffiti of london robocop" (p.s. fuck Banksy):

"banksy wall graffiti of a queen kicking a football" (that's a rugby ball, you stupid fucking machine *kicks machine - machine shocks Rob back* :

"David Hockney fine art painting of Japanese postmodern architecture":

"David Hockney fine art painting of swimming pools with a shark":

For some reason I felt terribly excited working with an artificial intelligence (other than my own, that is.) It was exactly like feeding slips of paper under the door leading to an unlit Chinese Room. A moment’s wait, than a large format poster on nice paper suddenly exuded through a large thin horizontal slot in the door. Some of my initial prompts must of been wack, or Dall-E 2 (August 2022) didn’t know what the hell to make of what I thought I was asking, but well over a third of the prompts used didn’t generate anything remotely interesting or novel. That is to say, it still takes a keen (artistic) eye to spot the potential winners hiding in among all the standard memetic internet garbage.

Sure, if 'An avocado shaped armchair' or whatever really pumps your artistic nads, then by all means continue forth spewing raw hyperreal A.I. image. But I’m hoping for something less than a machine and more of a truer Plastic Pal Who’s Odd Fun To Be with. That is I don’t see A.I. generated art loosing it’s 'arriving from the benthic depths of the uncanny valley to haunt us for our Faustian bargains’ look any time soon. Or heck maybe that’s precisely the hot new #AESTHETIC going around The Scene right now. (Yet note that’s always the more truly uncanny Thing about A.I. – it’s a subconscious reminder of the uncanny synthetic nature of human consciousness.)

Thing is, I had a great time and would long to roll the linguistic dice with machine learning again. Yet isn’t that precisely the danger? It generates "Ooh, Pretty Instant Images" and we conveniently if not willingly forget the multi-billion dollar technologies and inherently evil hyper-corporations surreptitiously going BRRRR in the background, techn0-hell bent on utilizing such tech for Maximum Fun And Profit? After all, these things don’t care one weighted neural jot if they’re generating deepfake ripoffs of Monet daubs good enough to fool asshole art experts, or targeting political dissidents in some dystopian Cyberpunk megacity for casual drone assassination. The myth that 'we’™ can possibly control the development of such technologies is darkly laughable, and reminds one of 'The Friendly Atom’ propaganda - especially considering this is an entire dying planet already covered / smothered in a vast, post-human network of neural-based Tech.

Everybody knows the Modern Art World is one big, crude scam constructed from shit-stained cardboard and duct tape; likewise, isn't everyday as-lived Capitalist reality itself merely a giant, tawdry machine hallucination?

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