Utterly Uninspiring Instagram Style White Millennial Photography

RND// To consider a parody study of sociopathically dull, utterly Instagrammatic White People™ style millennial photography ('Whitography'?)

mug of coffee with marshmallow in front of open book on tray
Photo by Alisa Anton / Unsplash

All images via Unsplash

No. You got it wrong. It’s not about sounding all nasal. It’s about sounding like you don’t have a care. Like your bills are paid and you’re happy about your future and you’re about to jump in your Ferrari when you get off this call. Put some extra breath in there. Breezy, like you don’t need this money, like you never been fired, only laid off.
- Langston, Sorry To Bother You (2018, Director Boots Riley)

In which a series of metaphysical poses direct from zone psychic zero plays out in oh so predictable manner, never once challenging precious long held unconscious assumptions, a soulless, violently bland and frothy decaff life set in untouched marble where only fake dirt and minor scratches and other deliberate 'retro' filter flaws flaws exist to keep it all P.C – a hermetically sealed image bubble of five star international holidays in the warm faded and lightly grainy sun, where nice new kicks, and simply delicious pseudo spontaneous recipe ideas are forever lightly tossed online for / as effortless, mass corporate vampiric consumption; perfectly professional and cosmically uninspiring.

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